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As a leading distributor in the imaging and consumer electronics industry, M-Photo specialises in quality photo, digital and camera products and accessories. This includes camera bags, tripods, charging and battery solutions, innovative speedlights for all major brands as well as underwater & instant photography.

We are southern Africa's sole distributor for a wide range of established brands and products such as
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B&W International

You want to protect and transport your product perfectly without compromising modern design? At B&W they understand this and strive to provide the best solution for your individual needs.

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Known for their award winning camera accessories, batteries and charging solutions for the video and digital imaging industry.

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Ikelite have produced underwater lighting, housings and accessories for over 50 years. Their knowledge and support is available to help you take your underwater photography to the next level. Their products are designed and manufactured in the USA.

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Kamakura is a leading manufacturer of OEM quality sports optics, established in Japan over 60 years ago they have a strong following in the birding, wildlife and sport applications.

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Instant Photography at it's finest, Polaroid Originals have been printing instant memories since 1943. Their instant cameras have revolutionized the way people look at instant photography today and have given birth to professional instant photographers worldwide.

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Rollei is an industry leading developer and manufacturer of photo and camera accessories for professional & amateur photographers, which serve to bring your subjects and your favourite moments to life and to capture them professionally and with your own visual aesthetics, in any setting and at any time.

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Think Tank

So you're a photographer hey? Whether you're a working professional, travel blogger or media influencer, Think Tank boasts some of the best carrying gear for your entire setup, built for even the toughest conditions, ensuring your gear stays secure, protected and all but bulletproof.

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Toshiba, a Japanese multinational conglomerate headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, has become one of the the world’s leading manufacturers of high performance alkaline, specialty cells batteries.

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Main Categories


Rollei City Traveler Mono Titanium

Travelling monopod for travel photography and city trips.

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Rollei Solid Glass Lens Ball

Let your creativity run free. Clear and transparent solid glass ball; New perspectives for landscape photography, architectural photography, street photography

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Polaroid Originals Box Camera Bag

Polaroid cameras are pretty little things, but not always convenient when you're on the move. Fortunately, Polaroid's made this carry case so you can keep your camera safe wherever you go, and free your hands up for more important things, like drinking macchiatos. It has a foldover magnetic closure, a storage slot for two extra packs of film, and essential Polaroid Originals labels, of course. Not bad at all, if we do say so ourselves.

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Polaroid Originals Day Camera Bag

Looking for a carry bag you can load all your Polaroid camera gear into, get up, and go? What a coincidence! We've got just the thing right here.

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Hähnel Flexx Lightning Sync/Charge Cable

This high quality cable combines fast & efficient charging with exceptional durability & portability.

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Think Tank Modular Essentials Set V3.0

A set of the 4 most popular Modular™ pouches in a zippered mesh travel bag.

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Hähnel Flexx 3 in 1 Sync/Charge Cable

The 3-in-1 Sync/Charge Cable from the FLEXX range offers the perfect solution.

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Rollei Pro Lightweight Flash Stand 220 cm

• Easily mounted and deconstructed • Adjustable in height between 91 and 220 cm • High quality and stable construction • Made of sturdy aluminum • Fast and effortless size adjustment • Suitable for studio flash units • ¼ inch connection

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