Rollei develops and produces photo and camera accessories for professional & amateur photographers, which serve to bring your subjects and your favourite moments to life and to capture them professionally and with your own visual aesthetics, in any setting and at any time.Therefore, we supply photo and video products, which facilitate creative picture composition for portraits and architectural shots and in travel and landscape photography and also ensure that the quality of your pictures and videos is high.For example, as our camera tripods stabilize your camera, studio flash units improve the lighting conditions indoors and outdoors, photo filters make creative picture design such as long-term exposure and a maximum aperture in daylight possible, (grey filters / ND filters) or our photo accessories provide for the protection of your high-quality photo and camera equipment like our Fotoliner camera rucksacks & camera bags for instance.

Innovation, user-friendliness and practical relevance: this DNA has been in each individual product in our company’s history since 1920 and is derived exclusively from the desires, requirements and ideas of the photographers, who are outdoors in natural surroundings, underwater, in the air or in their studios.We offer well- thought-out, practical solutions, which function reliably even under extreme conditions and deliver exceptional results.We are always striving to develop photo accessories, which are both sturdy and long-lasting as well as being practical to carry and use.


Studio flash units made by Rollei

With their HS Freeze 4 & HS Freeze 6 studio flash units we supply exactly what modern photographers need Indoors and outdoors in order to present their subject in a favourable light.It doesn’t matter, where they are.Ultra-short flash durations of up to 1/19,000 second, an extremely long battery life, a low weight and a very powerful flash and all of that without cables or accessories by the kilo.The motto of the HS Freeze series is “The world is your studio”. The practical IR slave release is only one of many options for the operation of our studio flash units.Here, we would particularly like to highlight the practical Flash app.

Tripods made by Rollei

For example. our carbon travel tripods are not only extremely stable and of high quality, but, in spite of a high working height they have a small packed size and a low dead weight.In addition you can also obtain special mini tripods, which are ideally suitable for micro and macro photography and comfortable to transport.Our tripods are also impressive due to their simple, fast assembly in a few seconds and further sophisticated functions.With our three different tripod series for every occasion & photographer you always get exactly what you are looking for and not a run-of-the-mill standard solution.

Tripod series

  • Rock Solid Tripods
  • Lion Rock Tripods
  • City Traveler Tripods

Photo filters made by Rollei

Our camera filters come with a special dust and dirt-repellent coating and high-quality Gorilla® glass.Together, these components guarantee the slightest reflections, absolute colour neutrality and a high degree of light transmissionand prevent optical distortions, while the high-quality, durable filter glass is also impressive due to its imperviousness to the weather and its durability.In addition, the titanium socket of the photo filters in our Extremium series is impressive due to its dimensional stability in the most extreme situations - whether in the desert or the Arctic.We guarantee all of these characteristics with outstandingly strict quality controls in accordance with the AQPL principle and tests in our own filter laboratory.

Photo filter series & types:

  • Extremium & Premium Round Filters
  • Mark II Plug-in filters
  • Rock Solid Plug-in Filters
  • Astroklar Light Pollution Filters
  • Grey Gratuated Filters
  • And many more


During its adjustment over the last few years to become a specialty provider for professional photo accessories, Rollei has re-invented itself and ranks among the top brands in the photography sector.For this development, Rollei is the current recipient of the Comeback of the Year Award and is thus the winner of the Marketing & Innovation Prize for 2017/2018, presented by the photography trade journal, FOTOwirtschaft.


When you purchase photo accessories from Rollei, you are relying on years of experience in the production and development of video and photography products.Therefore, put your trust in the best brand quality – made by Rollei.

Apart from our absolute core competencies like tripods, photo filters and studio flash units you will find still further accessories in the extensive selection in our on-line shop:

  • Plug-on Flash Units
  • Glass ball / Lensballs
  • Camera cleaning equipment

Rollei’s product range offers not only modern and durable video technology, but also practical, suitable photo accessories for professionals, ambitious amateur photographers, outdoor sports enthusiasts, pioneers, explorers and light artists.

In the official shop you will find both a large selection of photo and video equipment for professionals such as our new round Extremium screw-on filter with a titanium ring and Gorilla® glass, for everlasting dimensional stability at any temperature and an excellent colour neutrality of the filter glass as well as photography equipment for discerning amateurs.From the practical tripod for beginners to high-quality carbon tripods for the ambitious professional photographer,Rollei is firmly established in the tripod market.Flash units, flash accessories and photo filters in round and angular form are provided in our photo accessories, with which you can let your creativity fully unfold.