Lomography is a style of artistic experimental photography. Photos are unique, contemporary, colourful and sometimes blurry.

Lomography is the commercial trademark of Lomographische AG.  The company supplies analogue cameras, film, accessories and clothing. The Lomography motto is "Don't think, just shoot!" The brand emphasises spontaneity, close-ups, and ubiquity, while deemphasizing formal technique.

Lomography Products

Lomography has produced and marketed an entire line of analogue cameras. The cameras are extremely easy to use and promote the same “shoot-from-the-hip” ideas.
Lomography has an online store. There is unlimited choice in their line-up of analogue photography goods.

  • Analogue Cameras
  • Film and accessories
  • Instant cameras

What is Lomography

Photos taken with a lomo camera have high contrast, twisted colors, and mysterious vignette. Everything is amplified, making ordinary objects stand out. Lomo photos are characterised by enhanced features that would normally go unnoticed. Essentially, Lomography embraces the element of surprise that only analogue film photography can bring.