Rollei City Traveler Mono Titanium

Rollei City Traveler Mono Titanium

Monopod – usable as a selfie stick as well - City Traveler Monopod


  • very sharp photographs
  • panorama shots (also with a 360-degree camera)
  • group pictures
  • compensation for a wobbly hand

In comparison to the classic tripod a monopod has some advantages, above all when it comes to flexibility and weight.Tripods take longer to assemble, occupy more room and weigh more.But nevertheless doing without a stand is scarcely conceivable especially for travel and landscape photographers and on city tours.Since long exposure times and vibration-free panorama shots are barely possible by hand.In order to adjust the exposure time, without a stand, you would have to work with higher ISO values, which, in turn, is often associated with strong image noise, where especially the quality & sharpness of twilight pictures visibly suffer.However, at this point, it must be said that a monopod merely provides support. For 100% even horizon levels in panorama shots or very long exposure times there is no alternative to a tripod. For anyone who needs a flexible, light and very compact stand for fast location and position changes or shots in motion, the City Traveler Mono is an ideal companion.But for completely vibration-free night shots, landscape photography or architectural photography with people and cars filtered out we recommend a tripod.


Although all stands of the City Traveler series come with a very low dead weight and a small packed size due to the high-quality, ultra-light carbon design, the City Traveler Mono single-legged stand made from carbon is by far the lightest and most flexible one. It tips the scales at just 220 g of dead weight and has a packed size of 44.5 cm.Thus it fits into any rucksack or can be fastened on with the snap hook without its weight having a really noticeable effect on the payload.At the same time, by means of the typical City Traveler twist lock mechanism, it can be extended within 3 seconds to the maximum working height of 165.5 cm.Thus you don’t run the risk that the subject has already gone away, or that the shooting situation has changed before your stand is ready for operation.

Thus monopods are suitable above all for moving scenarios and this is why the City Traveler Mono is also delivered with an adapter for action cameras.Since quick location and position changes can be accomplished, it is the ideal companion for lively yet vibration-free shots during:

  • trade fairs
  • weddings
  • diving trips (with an action camera)
  • concerts
  • outdoor trips & sports events

Of course a monopod does not deliver the hold that is provided by a tripod.But in comparison to photography without a stand the difference is nevertheless enormous.With a monopod you also reach heights in your shots since you can extend it by the length of your own arm and body, which you can hardly accomplish with a traditional tripod.

The 2-in-1 function of the Rollei monopod also comes into play here.Thanks to a Smartphone holder you can alsouse the City Traveler Mono as a selfie stick.However, for this you need the option of remote triggering as our monopod is not equipped with an appropriate electronic system.The self-timer function or standard remote control release will very easily remedy this.

If you attach a 360-degree camera, then you can carry out fully spherical panorama shots at an enormous working height, in which you can later look around freely by means of VR glasses or by clicking the mouse or swiping on a desktop PC or Smartphones.Via the Wi-Fi function of the Rollei 360-degree cameras you can also stream the shots live on Facebook and YouTube or upload them later.

Conclusion: Monopods make sharp snapshots and videos possible in every situation in life and are different from any other stand with respect to how fast and flexibly they can be used.For quick photographs in the city, a monopod is the best support for the smoothest possible control of your camera or Smartphone so that you don’t have to accept any loss of image definition.Regardless of how mobile and action-packed the subject of your choice is.


  • Panning with moving subjects to blur the background
  • Simple panorama shots if it does not depend on a 100% even horizontal level
  • Sport photography
  • Selfie photographs
  • Suitable for: DSLM cameras, action cameras, Smartphones and 360-degree cameras

In three seconds it’s assembled and ready for operation(twist lock),while it is hardly noticeable when it is being transported with a weight of 220 g and it fits into any backpacker rucksack due to the small packed size.It reaches a maximum working height of 165.5 cm, which you can also extend by the length of your own body and arm, which is not the case with normal stands.In addition it can be used as a selfie stick. It compensates for trembling hands and comes in the high-quality carbon design.The ideal companion for lively, uncomplicated travel photography, city tours and fast-paced subjects and scenarios.At the same time you can use it for panning with moving subjects.