Ikelite Action Tray II with Left Handle for Compact Housings

  • SKU: IK2605.04

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Benefit from improved balance and handling, while gaining an attachment point for a lighting arm, with this Action Tray II with Left Handle for Ikelite Action, ULTRAcompact, and compact underwater camera housings. The tray is designed to prevent the rotation of an Action housing, so your equipment stays right where you want it as you're composing and shooting.

Every ounce matters in travel, so you'll appreciate the fact that this model is lighter in weight than Ikelite's standard tray and handle. Additionally, the grip placement on the Action Tray II is closer to the housing than it is on the standard version, allowing for easier, more comfortable use. Add the optional Action Tray II Extension with Right Handle to enable the connection of a second lighting arm for a strobe, focus light, or video light.

Built for durability, the tray is constructed from an aluminum alloy that has been hard-anodized for exceptional resistance to corrosion. The grip is made from aluminum and ABS plastic, and features a comfortable, non-slip rubberized exterior to help you maintain a solid hold--even when wearing diving gloves.