Ikelite Compact Ball Arm for Quick Release Handle

This is a great choice to mount almost any strobe or video light to an Ikelite quick release handle.

  • SKU: IK4080.05

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Using this Compact 1" Ball Arm for Quick Release Handle from Ikelite, you can add an optional strobe or constant light source to your underwater photography or video system. The arm segment, measuring 7" long, connects to a QR mount that enables easy attachment to the top of the quick-release handles on Ikelite's trays for camera housings. In addition to a standard ball clamp, this package includes a second clamp with an auxiliary mount to allow for the attachment of a focus light, or a top handle if you're using two arms.

The ball mounts measure 1" in diameter and work with all standard 1" ball arms and components, including those from Ikelite, Aquatica TLC, Sea & Sea, Inon, Ultralight, and Nauticam. The ball clamps enable attachment to the QR mount at the bottom of the arm and the required strobe or video light mount at the top. Additional extensions and clamps are available separately and allow for different lighting angles and effects.

The slotted design of the arm extension allows for the connection of lightweight accessories along its length via the addition of a Sliding Ball Mount. To prevent slipping and enable a better hold with less force, the ball mounts have grooves and O-rings. The clamps can be finger-tightened underwater and allow you to adjust the position of your lighting without loosening them. The arm and balls are made of aluminum that has been treated with a hard, type III anodized finish for long-lasting resistance to corrosion.