• SKU: IK2602.3

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This Flex Arm to GoPro Mount Kit from Ikelite bundles the GoPro tripod mount, a 4-bead/joint flex arm extension with a 1/2" diameter, a flex mount, and a spare package of silicone lubricant to keep O-rings from drying out. The kit enables you to capture photos with your DSLR or compact camera in its waterproof housing while simultaneously recording video with your GoPro action camera. Attach the GoPro in its waterproof housing to the GoPro tripod mount. Then, connect the tripod mount directly to the flex mount, which attaches to an Ikelite housing tray's quick release grip handle, or insert the flex arm extension between the tripod mount and flex mounts--creating a full-length arm that expands the number of possible angles and positions for GoPro video capture.