Ikelite Smart Charger For Ni-MH Battery Packs

Ikelite Smart Charger for NiMH Battery Packs for DS160, DS161, and DS125 Strobes

  • SKU: IK0083.93

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Replenish the power in your Ikelite DS160, DS161, and DS125 Substrobes' NiMH battery packs using this Smart Charger with a European plug. It runs on 100-240 VAC power for worldwide use, although the plug is fixed and cannot be swapped out for another region's. You can, however, grab an optional travel adapter to enable the use of this charger in a different part of the world. At less than half the size of Ikelite's previous smart charger, this one is ideal for travel. The charger serves as a spare or replacement for the original supplied with your strobe.