A full featured and durable underwater housing for Canon PowerShot G16 cameras. Suitable for scuba, snorkel, surf, pool, and any application in or around the water.

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Capture photos and video as far as 200' beneath the surface with your Canon PowerShot G16 digital camera, thanks to this updated version of the dedicated Ikelite Underwater Housing. The large, ergonomic mechanical controls provide access to all camera functions except for the flash switch and diopter adjustment dial. This version adds an ergonomic, side-mounted shutter lever, and offers improved zoom and rear dial control. Two 1/4"-20 mounts have also been added on the bottom for connection to a tray.

Additionally, the body of the housing is now made of a white ABS/polycarbonate blend, which is still corrosion-resistant but also reflects sunlight to keep your camera cooler when shooting at or above the water's surface. The housing features built-in, proprietary TTL circuitry and an Ikelite 5-pin bulkhead connector, which combine to allow for TTL exposure with optional, external Ikelite DS strobes attached via sync cords. Non-Ikelite strobes are compatible in manual mode. As an alternative method, there are also two fiber-optic ports for triggering strobes via the camera's built-in flash.

An integrated flat glass lens port with a 3.9" diameter accepts optional, external wide-angle and macro add-on lenses to enhance your view. You can also add optional color-correction filters to restore hues that get absorbed by the water.


  • Features a depth rating of 200'
  • Two double-passivated, stainless steel locking lid snaps are easy to use and virtually unbreakable
  • See O-ring form a solid watertight seal as you close housing
  • Rear seal design prevents accidental twisting or stretching of O-ring, and eliminates need for groove or channel that can trap dirt, sand, or debris
  • Spare 1/2-20 accessory port for installing optional vacuum valve


  • Large, ergonomic mechanical controls, including push-buttons, knurled knobs/dials, and levers, enable smooth operation
  • Access provided to all camera functions except for flash switch and diopter adjustment dial
  • Ergonomic, side-mounted shutter lever has been added
  • Improves upon previous version of housing with better zoom and rear dial control
  • Controls placed in similar configuration as they are on camera, allowing for seamless transition based on familiarity and muscle memory that have already been developed
  • Rear controls marked with easily visible, laser-engraved symbols, which won't peel or fade off with time
  • Attaching an optional single or dual-handle tray will afford improved handling and balance, while offering connection points for arms that can hold flash units or video lights


  • Designed, made by hand, and tested in the USA
  • Manufactured from durable, corrosion-resistant, white ABS/polycarbonate blend
  • Reflects sunlight to keep your camera cooler when shooting at or above water's surface
  • Provides greater contrast than clear housings, giving you better view of camera, screen, and O-ring seal
  • Features silicone front hand grip
  • Front-loading camera installation makes for quick and easy setup
  • Camera-mounting plate allows quick, easy access to battery and memory card, and has 1/4"-20 mount for optional tripod to be used out of water
  • Two standard 1/4"-20 mounts added on bottom for connection to optional tray


  • Integrated flat glass lens port has 3.9" diameter
  • Accepts optional, external 0.75x WD-4 Wide Angle Dome or 67mm threaded macro conversion lenses, in order to provide increased field of view or better clarity and detail in close-ups, respectively
  • Macro lenses available from Epoque, INON, Subsee, Nauticam, and others, and can be attached using optional press-fit Macro Adapter
  • Both wide-angle and macro lenses will enable you to get closer to your subjects, cutting down on the amount of water between you and them to reduce distortion
  • Use of WD-4 results in no edge distortion or vignetting
  • Add optional color-correction filters to restore colors that get absorbed by water
  • #6441.46 filter available for blue water and #6441.86 available for green water


  • Integrated TTL circuitry is fine-tuned to camera's flash exposure protocol, in order to allow for most accurate exposure possible
  • Circuit is powered by strobe, so no replacement of batteries or maintenance is required
  • Exposure compensation in TTL mode is supported using camera's built-in control
  • TTL and manual modes possible with Ikelite DS strobes, including DS50 (above serial number 70000), DS51, DS125 (above serial number 5000), DS160, DS161, and DS200 (above serial number 7163)
  • Third-party strobes operable in manual mode only, but will still benefit from fast recycle times and improved battery life
  • Housing provides direct electrical connection to camera's hot shoe
  • Features Ikelite bulkhead sync cord connector, eliminating need for camera's built-in flash to fire
  • Sync cord attachment is as easy as screwing in a light bulb, and threaded fit prevents accidental detachment during use
  • Bulkhead sync cord connector has been moved to top of housing to keep cords out of the way and reduce strain on ends
  • Various sync cords available, including Ikelite-to-Ikelite TTL Single (#4103.51), Ikelite-to-Ikelite TTL Dual (#4103.52), Sea & Sea/INON-to-Ikelite Non-TTL Single (#4118.1), Sea & Sea/INON-to-Ikelite Non-TTL Dual (#4118.2), Nikonos SB-to-Ikelite Non-TTL Single (#4116.31), and Nikonos SB-to-Ikelite Non-TTL Dual (#4116.32)
  • As alternative to sync connection, housing is equipped with dual fiber-optic ports for strobe attachment via F.O. cables
  • Fiber-optic connection requires camera's built-in flash to fire, which reduces battery life and bypasses TTL functionality
  • Camera's built-in flash only suitable for triggering external strobes, not for lighting photos
  • Compatible with following F.O. cords: Ikelite Coiled (#4501), INON D "Non-wireless type" L-Connector, Sea & Sea L-type (#50107), Olympus PTCB-E02, Nauticam-to-INON #26211, Nauticam-to-Sea & Sea #26212