Rollei Pro Lightweight Flash Stand Traveler 215 cm

Aluminium flash stand for professional flashes

  • SKU: ROFS215

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The black Rollei 215-cm Traveler Professional Lamp Tripod can be folded to a packed dimension of merely 58 cm by means of the tripod legs that can be tilted upwards and keeps flashes or lamps secure with the selected attachments at infinitely variable, selectable heights between 57 and 215 cm.You assemble and dismantle this outdoor and indoor tripod in a few minutes due to the user-friendly catches and you don’t just attach studio flash to the fully integrated spigot (TV tap) but all compatible lamps and flash devices as well.Of course the Traveler tripod also has a ¼-inch screw thread.The aluminium components of the tripod reduce its weight to only 1.54 kg and the maximum load-bearing capacity is 3 kg.


  •             Easily mounted and deconstructed        
  •             Light and compact construction        
  •             Small folded length – Ideal for outdoor and travel photography        
  •             Stativbeine werden nach oben geklappt        
  •             Tripod legs will be folded to the top        
  •             Adjustable in height between 57 and 215 cm        
  •             Suitable for studio flash units        
  •             ¼ inch connection        



Max. Height
215 cm
Min. Height
57 cm
Folded Length
58 cm
Max. Load
3 kg
Tube Diameter
19, 22, 26, 29.5 mm
1.54 kg
Fixed spigot